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My name is Maike Lenz and I am a first year DPhil researcher at the University of Oxford. I have an interest in the intersection between optics and life sciences and am currently working on the use of multimode optical fibres for microscopy, particularly in neuroimaging.

I graduated from my integrated Masters in Physics with First Class Honours in 2022. During this time, I completed my MSci project on the computational and experimental optimisation of ultrashort laser pulses with a focus on self-phase modulation in hollow core optical fibres.


Growing up near Munich in the south of Germany, I have a real love for hiking and spending time in the mountains. After moving to Sevenoaks in the UK in 2013, I continued my education at Sevenoaks School, completing my GCSEs in 2016 and my International Baccalaureate in 2018. I enjoyed experiencing multiple cultures and being immersed in a highly international environment. As a native German and English speaker, I appreciate the importance of learning new languages. In my free time, I keep up with learning Spanish.

I'm passionate about leading an active lifestyle and I particularly look forward to skiing in winter.


Master of Science


since 2022

Oxford University, UK

Currently studying for a DPhil in the Adaptive Optics group in the Engineering Science department. Research focuses on using multimode fibres for high-resolution neuroimaging applications.

Physics MSci

Imperial College London, UK

Graduated with First-Class Honours and the Dean's List award in final year.

MSci Project on the Computational and Experimental Optimisation of Ultrafast Laser Processes with a focus on self-phase modulation in hollow-core optical fibres.

Modules include Optical Communications (90%), Plasmonics and Metamaterials (90%), and Laser Technologies (89%).

Secondary School

Sevenoaks School, UK

IB with 777 at higher level and 44 points. Subjects HL Physics, HL Mathematics, HL Chemistry, SL German A, SL English A, SL Economics.

GCSEs with 12 A* results, Additional Mathematics FSMQ with grade A.

Secondary School

Gymnasium Geretsried, Germany

Scientific branch with languages German, English, and Latin.


October - March 2022

MSci Project: Automated Optimisation of a Femtosecond Field Synthesiser

Imperial College London, Physics Department

Developed and demonstrated an optimisation
software that combines a nonlinear optics propagation simulation with Bayesian
Optimisation, a Machine Learning tool, to optimise parameters for intended outcomes such as maximum spectral broadening during self-phase modulation. 

June - September 2021

Optical Systems Internship


Coded hardware controls for precision stages, a CMOS camera, and a laser in LabVIEW and used fluorescent microscopy to image beads.


Private Tutor

I tutor two girls aged 14-15 in Physics and Mathematics.

June - August 2020

Tabletop Demonstrations UROP

Imperial College London, Physics Department

Designed tabletop demonstrations to allow the Thermal Physics module to run successfully in a remote format.












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